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Communicating More Effectively with Japanese

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Do you want to know what’s on your Japanese counterpart’s head? Do you wish you could read their non-verbacl tips? Are you comfortable in communiating with Japanese in English? How do you know if they understood you? Do you have confidence in communicating with Japanese? 

You will learn tips and tactics to solve the challengies higlighted above

Note: This workshop is rescheduled for November. Exact Date: TBC.

Event Details

Event Date
Wed 1 Nov 2017
9:00 AM
Event End Date
Thu 30 Nov 2017
12:00 PM
Registration Start Date
Fri 2 Jun 2017
12:00 AM
Country Japan
Venue The Westin Tokyo
Delivered by Kikue Yamamoto | Office Yamamoto Ltd.
Individual Price US$500.00
Target Audience Anyone who is working with Japanese or will be working with Japanese, or who wants to understand Japanese. This will also be a fun and active session.
Speaker Profile

Having worked at Nummi, a joint-venture of Toyota and GM, in California, I have developed a training for those who want to learn tips and tactics for working with Japanese, based on my experience there and with many other clients in and out of the country, Japan. As a management consultant, I work with Japanese people primarily these days who work at foreign affiliated companies in Japan.

I also do teaching to foreign students at Tohoku univeristy, Sendai, on Japanese culture and business.

Key Takeaways
  • Learning how to communicate better with Japanese in English
  • Learning how to read their non-verbal tips
  • Improving your own communication skills
Training Format 1/2 Day
Time Zone Asia/Tokyo

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