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Head, Heart & Hands – A Systemic Approach to Gender Diversity with Alan Richter of QED Consulting

DIAN Professional Series - Highlight of the Month

>> Find out more about Alan Richter of QED Consulting who is running a DIAN Professional Series workshop titled ‘Head, Heart & Hands – A Systemic Approach to Gender Diversity on 23 February in Shanghai.  Click here for more details and to register for this workshop >>

Can you tell us why you are passionate about diversity and inclusion?

Perhaps because of my life story – growing up in Apartheid South Africa, and then living in the UK and USA, and traveling extensively and working with amazing organizations around the globe.

What experiences have led you to do the work you do today?

In part the above but also my academic work – trained as a philosopher – so interested in meaning and understanding the world and people, and have a passion for fairness, integrity and inclusion.

When it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion, what area of your work are you most proud?

Developing the Global D&I Benchmarks which help organizations see what great work looks like; and developing the GDS and GGIA – which are self-assessment tools to help individuals become better at D&I and gender intelligence.

What do you love most/particularly interesting about this work in Asia?

I fell in love with Asia when I first took my family around the world when my kids were teenagers, and have returned many times for work. Asia is half the world, and has amazing diversity, but has the same challenges as the rest of the world in valuing diversity and building inclusion.

What do you think is the next big thing in the D&I space in Asia?

Despite the recent nationalism and inward-looking western elections, the fact is the world will become more connected not less, so globalization is not going away – and it demands greater acceptance and adaptive skills for all citizens of the world. Technology and human rights are both global drivers that must travel together. Innovation and technology must have a moral compass. The UN’s SDGs provide that compass.

What is your single piece of advice for diversity and inclusion professionals working in Asia?

See above… read the SDGs and find ways to connect your organization to these global goals.

Are you working or have you worked on anything you would like to share with our members?

Certainly the GDIB (which DIAN is using), last year’s book I co-edited – An Inquiry into the Existence of Global Values (Hart), and currently working on a research project on ethical decision-making across cultures.

What is one of your favorite books/TED talks/research relating to D&I - and why?

The Danger of the Single Story – by Chimamande Adiche – outstanding talk on how we all have complex & multiple identities, but they can be easily overlooked by the danger of stereotyping. 


Click here to register for Alan's DIAN Professional Series session ‘Head, Heart & Hands – A Systemic Approach to Gender Diversity’ on 23 February in Shanghai.

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