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Recognised as a leader in shaping the strategic vision of organisations across the globe on diversity and inclusion, Heather established Symmetra in the Asia Pacific region in 2003.This was effected after a decade of guiding organisations across South Africa on the dismantling of apartheid in the workplace. Symmetra provides a global consulting service to blue chip organisations on embedding an inclusive workplace culture and is very well known for its thought leadership on embedding psychological safety in the workplace- a fundamental skill for inclusive leaders wishing to leverage diversity of thought.

Ivy Wong
Programme Manager, LGBT+ & Disability


Ivy Wong is Programme Manager with a focus on Community Business’ LGBT+ and Disability Campaigns. Externally, she is a member of the organising committee of Pink Dot, the largest LGBT+ event in Hong Kong, and leads Pink Experience, a volunteer recruitment program in the LGBT+ community in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining Community Business, Ivy interned at various local NGOs - experiences which have had a lasting impact on her outlook and career motivations. During her internship with the Association of Advancement of Feminism, Ivy co-authored the Women’s Health Information and Medical Service Survey 2013, leading to a keen interest in women’s issues. Following her internship with the Touch Project of the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, she became passionate about promoting LGBT+ awareness in the Hong Kong community. As the former External Vice President of Queer Straight Alliance (QSA), she recognises the importance of ensuring an inclusive environment for LGBT+ individuals - whether it be students on campus or employees in the workplace. 

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Ivy spent a year doing an exchange study in Brisbane, Australia, a place which inspired her to appreciate the beauty of love beyond racial and gender boundaries. When not working, you may find Ivy training in the park, hiking and climbing on the mountains or travelling with a backpack.